Most of these commands can be entered by one hand. Exceptions are REC, Esc and Text (for entering song titles). In number mode and text mode (edit mode), both hands are needed most of the time.

Example: Press Power to turn the MD unit on. Step forward to the desired track number by pressing the E key (between Channel+ and Channel- above). Press Text. Type the song title and press Enter (see the character set). You are done. If you do not want to save the track name, press Esc twice insted of Enter.

When the GKOS keyboard is operating as a remote control for audio/video equipment, the commands are along the lines shown on the left.

Numbers can be entered after pressing 123-ABC. Another 123-ABC takes back to remote commands mode.

Text entry mode ('edit mode') is entered by command 'Text'. Switch between letters and numbers is then done by pressing 123-ABC (a normal GKOS feature). 'Esc' brings back to remote commands mode. So does also 'Enter' when you save a track name.

The keypad is seen 'through the device' so that e.g. a blue key top right (upper right corner) is to be pressed by the index finger of the right hand.

To learn about the GKOS keyboard in general, see www.gkos.com. Here is the character set for typing and editing text.
  4 February 2005

GKOS Keyboard  -  Full QWERTY capabilities with only 6 keys on the back!