How to try GKOS typing on Linux

1. Install Wine windows emulator (e.g. on Ubuntu, you can find Wine on Synaptic packet manager list)
2. Download gkosw.exe saving it where you want to keep windows program files (to run them by Wine)
3. Go to that directory and enter wine gkosw.exe on your X window terminal command line.

You can now click on the gkos text area and start typing using sdf jkl keys. Unfortunately, it is not possible to enter text this way to other applications.

The COM port GKOS Keycode input has not yet been tested on Linux. It also seems that autorepeat and shortcuts do not work on Wine platform. So, it is only possible to type single characters (but all of them of cource, the GKOS way) on Linux+Wine.

Anybody volunteer to port GKOS on QWERTY to Linux?

Page created 4 July 2007
Edited 30 August 2007