GKOS using PIC 16F876 Microcontroller

The PIC Micro 16F876 is a popular microcontroller form Microchip corp. With the microcontroller you can do almost anything! A simple power source (2,5...5 V) and very few external components are required for the controller but you must be able to program it to make it do what ever you wish. For the GKOS project you need lots of time and:

1.  A PIC programmer

There are many alternatives to get this hardware.  Start by checking these: A, B, C, D

2.  Software

Software for the PIC programmer for loading the final program (xxxxx.hex) onto the microcontroller. It usually comes with the programmer. The final xxxxx.hex format programs for the GKOS project will be available on this website.

Assembler (e.g. MPLAB) if  you are planning to develop programs of your own. Instead of the assembler, higher level programming tools may also be used to create the final xxxxx.hex program.

Notepad, EditPad or alike to type and edit your own assembler program (xxxxx.asm). The assembler then converts this into the xxxxx.hex file that can be loaded to the microcontroller.

3. Components

The 16F876 microcontroller with 28 pins, some resistors, connectors, capacitors, wire, board,  a 4 MHz crystal or two etc. and optionally, for the remote control unit, an IR LED, IR receiver unit (small and cheap but effective!), a second microcontroller and batteries. And of cource 6 keys. Maybe a TrackPoint mouse...