The GKOS IR Keyboard
Full QWERTY capabilities with only 6 keys on the back!

Building project 1
Simple build (but old):

Test the GKOS keyboard on the parallel port of your PC. Only for Windows 95/98. - My first GKOS keyboard!

Building Project 2
More to do  -  Several options

Make an infrared or wired GKOS keyboard with a pointer control. Connect it to  the PS/2 mouse and keyboard connector of your PC (only Windows 95/98/2000) - See the demo.

These latest two projects are recommended:

Building Project 3  -  The IR Transmitter

Universal GKOS IR keyboard

This small stand-alone GKOS infrared keyboard can be used for several applications. For example, you can directly remote control your MiniDisc Player and enter song titles with it. - You can also use it as a wireless PC keyboard together with the Serial GKOS PC interface below. - See the new DEMO showing MD remote control (Winmedia/ADSL).

Building Project 4  -  The IR Receiver + interface
Universal Serial GKOS PC interface

This simple COM port GKOS interface will connect all your GKOS IR keyboards to the PC with full functionality (for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP). All GKOS features are provided, including pointer control. No external power source required !


Try GKOS on QWERTY in 2 minutes >>: The new "GKOS on QWERTY" application for PC facilitates GKOS typing to any text editor directly on the PC keyboard, using keys SDF by the left hand and JKL by the right hand. Just try the concept and learn the skill before building anything. Unfortunately, not all PC keyboards can manage 6 simultanoeus keys. (Windows
95/98/NT/2000/XP and Linux using Wine)

Just finetuning:
GKOS on QWERTY  More effective use of the GKOS on QWERTY driver on the IR link.

A Quick one:
Try GKOS on QWERTY in 2 SECONDS >>: The new javascript demo facilitates GKOS typing on the browser screen in several languages by using SDF JKL keys on your qwerty. 

Numeric Keypad as a GKOS USB Keyboard:  
How to modify the numpad for 6 simultanoeus key presses.

Building Project 5  -  LCD and GKOS
Arduino (Atmel) GKOS PC interface

This simple GKOS keypad will connect directly to the popular Arduino Duemilanove microcontroller board with full PC keyboard functionality. It has also been further developed to function as a plug and play USB keyboard here.

GKOS Touch Screen Applications
Chordic keyboards for Android and iPhone

A GKOS applicaton can be downloaded to your phone from iPhone App Store and Android Market.

Project 1:
Quick GKOS test

Project 2:
GKOS for P/S2

Project 3:
Universal GKOS
                      IR kbd

Project 4:



GKOS for Arduino

GKOS on Android
  1 Feb 2011

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