Schematic for the Universal GKOS Infrared Keyboard


Power will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity. To turn it on again press E or F key and wait one second.

Even if this keyboard is for several applications, the shematic diagram is similar to the GKOS IR keyboard that sends only GKOS IR code (chord values continuously). The Optional UART ouput is shown in addition. Consequently, the same device as before can now be used as a wireless keyboard for several types of devices like PC, PDA or MD player by just replacing the PIC software.

Loading a proper driver on the receiving device may also be required (IrDA frames). No driver, however, is needed to be able to control audio/video home equipment (SIRCS/Sony), or when using the GKOS PS/2 interface on the PC for  reception as before (GKOS IR code).

PIC 16F876 microcontroller Software is ready for use. GKOS IR (both chord and byte options), Sony SIRCS and IrDA frames as well as UART output have been implemented.

Note that the PIC UART output level is 0/5 volts and needs to be adjusted to those of RS232 before connecting to a PC serial port.  -  If you want to program the PIC without removing it from the device you can try this schematic. If you just want to add the IR receiver (supported by the software) check this.

Development of driver software for different PDAs etc. is welcome!

Comments for the definitions are also requested. See the GKOS Discussion Forum.
  20 May 2005